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Opening hours

Tickets,cable cars,and slides(Monday-Sunday )
  • Ticket sales and opening time: 08:30
  • Closing time:17:00

Tourist Map Of Mutianyu Great Wall

Guide-Transit line

Self driving:
  • Beijing Chengde Expressway Exit 13 (Beitai Road), follow the traffic signs to the scenic spot
Qianmen Tourist Line:
  • Departure location: Qianmen Tour Dispatch Centre No. 4 ticket booth. Stop at Shaoyaoju.
  • Shaoyaoju boarding time: 9:00 a.m. Location: no.547 and no.942 bus stations at Shaoyaoju; Metro Line 10 Shaoyaoju Station “E” Exit, or Metro Line 13 Shaoyaojiu Station “B” Exit
  • Return location: the place where you get off on your way to the scenic spot
  • Departure time: 8:30 every day
  • Ticketing: Qianmen Tour Dispatch Centre on site, Beijing Hub of Tour Dispatch website
  • Tel: 010-83531111
Dongzhimen Tourist Line:
  • Departure location: Dongzhimen Bus Station
  • Departure time: 8:30 every day
  • Return location: P1 car park
  • Return time: 16:00 every day
  • Ticketing: on board (ticket selling starts half an hour before departure, and stops as soon as the tickets sold out)
  • Tel: +86(010)-96166
Mu Bus:
  • Departure location: East of the Hong Kong Macau Centre (in front of the Swiss Apartments), take Metro Line 2, exit from Dongsishitiao Station, Exit “C”. Walk east along the road for 30 metres. (You can search for “Swiss Apartments” by mobile phone.)
  • Return location: the place where you get off on your way to the scenic spot
  • Departure time: 7:30-8:00
  • Ticketing: Mu Bus official website; Mu Bus WeChat official account, ctrip.com, mafengwo.cn
  • Tel: 13381132891
Zan Bus:
  • Departure location: Metro Line 5, Heping Xiqiao Station, Exit “B”
  • Return location: the place where you get off on your way to the scenic spot
  • Departure time: 8:20-8:50
  • Ticketing: Zan Bus official website, Zan Bus WeChat official account, ctrip.com, mafengwo.cn
  • Tel: 18611317788
Bus routes:
  • Take bus 916 at Dongzhimen to Huairou North Street Station, transfer to Dongtai bus, get off at the scenic spot

Guide-Historical evolution

  • The Mutianyu Great Wall

    Mutianyu Great Wall connects Juyongguan on the west and Gubeikou on the east, and was built under the command of General Xu Da in the early Ming Dynasty.

  • 1504

    The construction of Mutianyu Great Wall was launched.

  • 1983

    The restoration of Mutianyu Great Wall was started with the approval of the State Council.

  • 1987

    It has been listed as the “World Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO.

  • 2000

    The local government decided to transform this site into a scenic spot.

  • 2011

    According to China National Tourism Administration, Mutianyu Great Wall was rated as a 5A tourist attraction.

  • 2014

    As a supporting reconstruction project of APEC summit, Mutianyu Great Wall comprehensive service area was put into operation.

Since the establishment of the scenic spot, Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Wu Bangguo and other Party and Leaders have visited the tourist area. The tourist area has received more than 70 international political leaders, including former British Prime Minister Major, former US President Clinton, former German Prime Minister Schroeder and US president's wife Michelle Obama.

We have successfully completed the reception task of NGO Forum representatives of the 4th World Women's Congress, Beijing Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, 60th anniversary of national day and other major events. We have successfully undertaken the torch relay of Athens Olympic Games, the 55th Miss World China finals, Tan Jing's Great Wall solo concert, the 10th CCTV TV model competition and other projects, and properly guaranteed the films "if you are the one 2" and "Transformers 4" Location Shots.

Guide-Information for tourists

I、Concessionary ticket policy at Mutianyu Great Wall
1、Concessionary tickets are applicable to
  • (1)6 years old (excluded) to 18 years old (included).
  • (2)Cable car: children with the height of 1.2m or above - 1.4m (included) can buy children’s tickets, everyone with the height of 1.4m or above should buy adult tickets. The cable car and the slide are run by two companies, thus you should buy tickets separately.
  • (3)Senior citizens aged 60 (including 60 years and above) from outside the city.
  • (4)Undergraduate students or below with a student card (excluding adult education).
  • (5)Military personnel holding officer cards, retired cadres, retired non-commissioned officers, civilian cadre cards or soldier cards of the PLA and the Armed Police Force.
  • (6)Holders of social insurance payment cards.
  • (7)Holders of their firefighter’s card or fire service cadre card
2、Free admission applies to
  • (1)Children under 6 (included) or under 1.2 metres (included) in height (an adult of responsible capacity is required to accompany them to enter the scenic area). Children under 1.2m (included) can take the cable car and ferry for free.
  • (2)Visitors with Beijing Pass - Senior Citizen Disability Card, Civil Affairs Priority Card and valid documents can enter the park for free (the elderlies and disabled visitors should be accompanied by a responsible and capable adult to enter, and the accompanying person needs to purchase a ticket).
  • (3)Retired cadres holding a senior cadre privilege card.
  • (4)Disabled with a valid disability card.
  • Note: ① The above ticket policy is limited to the Great Wall ticket, excluding ferry, cable car, slide and other excursions in the scenic area.
  • ② Visitors who are eligible for the preferential and free ticket policy must present their documents at the check-in gate before entering the scenic area.
  • ③ The ferry station is about 3km away from the check-in gate, so visitors who take the ferry should purchase their tickets additionally. Except for children under 1.2m (included), who are free of charge, all other visitors are required to purchase ferry tickets.
II. Ticketing instructions
  • 1. Real-name reservation system for ticket purchase. Tickets for Mutianyu Great Wall can only be booked in real names, you can book the ticket 7 days before you go, and each ID card/passport is limited to one ticket per day.
  • 2. Each mobile phone number can be used for registration only once, and you must book with your real identity information. You should enter the scenic area with your ID card/passport.
  • 3. Group visit reservation. You need to sign an agreement with the scenic spot in advance and become a contracted travel agent of the scenic spot after your qualification is approved, then you can make online reservation for ticket purchase.
  • 4. Refund and change of tickets. In the case of unchecked tickets, you can apply for a refund or change of ticket on the ticketing platform before 24:00 on your reserved date. If you cannot receive your refund on time, please call the scenic spot for advice and assistance.
III. Ticketing instructions
  • 1. ID card check-in to the park. Visitors and groups who have made a successful reservation can enter the park on the day of their reservation with their ID card at the ticket gate.
  • 2. Real-name check. Individuals and groups will be checked by the ticket inspector, and those who meet the preferential policies of the scenic spot will be asked to present their valid documents at the same time. For those who do not match, visitors and tour guides should present their ID again or make up the difference.
  • 3. Free tickets. Visitors who are eligible for the free ticket policy should present their valid documents for free tickets at the Ticket Service Centre of the scenic spot. (Not including ferry, cable car, slide or other excursions in the scenic area)
  • 4. Foreign guests or visitors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan should check in with passports. Visitors with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passports or foreign passports can check-in with their passports without getting their ticketsdo not need to exchange their tickets.
  • 5. Non-ID card entry. Visitors who are unable to check their tickets due to special circumstances such as no ID card, holding a hukou book, lost or damaged ID card, etc., can go to the ticket gate for portrait collection with the electronic QR code received from the booking and scan the code to verify their entry into the park, or go to the Ticket Service Centre to apply for an entry voucher.
IV. Notes for visiting
  • 1. Booking time: E-tickets can be purchased in advance and can be booked 15 days in advance.
  • 2. Open time: 08:00.
  •     Closing time: ①Monday to Friday: 17:30 ②Saturday to Sunday: 17:30.
  •     Entrance: the entrance to the Mutianyu Great Wall scenic spot and the ferry station in Mutianyu Village, Huairou District, Beijing.
  • 3. Currently only tower 1-15 are opened for the tourism.
  • 4. Group visit. You need to sign an agreement with the scenic spot in advance and become a contracted travel agent of the scenic spot after your qualification is approved, then you can make online reservation for ticket purchase. To enter the park for free, tour guides must enter the scenic area with the travel agency itinerary and the official tour guide card issued by the government. Those who do not have a permit or whose documents do not meet the requirements will be asked to purchase a ticket. Travel agencies should arrange group itineraries reasonably during holidays, make reservations in advance and avoid the crowd.
  • 5. Do not smoke or bring flammable, explosive, toxic or dangerous objects or fire into the scenic area. Pets are not allowed.
  • 6. To protect the Great Wall and affiliated cultural relics, please do not paint, carve, post or hang objects on the wall. Do not climb the battlements of the Great Wall or run violently and playfully. Take care of your personal belongings, look after the elderly and children, and do not buy goods peddled by unreliable businessman. Elderly and sick visitors should take care and not take part in inappropriate excursions. In thunderstorms, do not use your cell phone. Please take care of public facilities in the scenic area. Do not pickup flowers, damage the trees, or trample on the lawn, or damage any kind of signage.
  • 7. In case of bad weather that cannot meet the safety operation of the equipment, irresistible natural disasters (such as lightning, rain, snow, hail, fog, heavy rain, high winds, etc.), the scenic area will be temporarily closed or partially closed, please pay attention to the scenic area announcement at all time.
  • 8. Please maintain the traffic order of the scenic area. Vehicles entering the scenic spot must comply with instructions, park in the designated place in an orderly manner, do not park at will, and do not take illegal operating vehicles.
  • 9. Visitors should reserve their tickets through the online real-name system before arriving at the scenic spot, and then register their information on site through the Beijing Health Care app.
  • 10. Visitors should wear a mask when taking the ferry, and cooperate with the staff of the scenic spot for guidance and management, and are strictly forbidden to gather in piles.
V. Safety instructions for taking cable cars
1. Cautions for riding the cable car
  • (1) Follow the arrangements of the staff on site when queuing up for the ride, and board in order to avoid overcrowding.
  • (2) The doors are automatically opened and closed, so do not put your hands on them after boarding to avoid any incidents.
  • (3) Do not walk back and forth in the compartment and do not stick your head or arms out of the window to avoid accidents.
  • (4) It is strictly forbidden to smoke, set off firecrackers or play in the carriage, or throw miscellaneous objects out of the window, and those who cause accidents will be punished for their irresponsible deeds.
  • (5) Care for the carriage equipment, actions that cause any damage to be compensated.
2. The following group are not allowed to take the cable car
  • (1) Those who do not comply with the regulations or refuse to show the ticket when checking in.
  • (2) Those who have drunk too much alcohol and are in a state of confusion.
  • (3) Passengers whose physical condition is not suitable for travelling in air and who are at risk of inducing physical conditions (suffering from mental disorders, fear of heights, high blood pressure, heart disease, habitual abortion, etc., as well as some pregnant women in early or late pregnancy and some elderly passengers with limited mobility) should not ride the cable car.
3. The following items are strictly forbidden in the carriage
  • (1) Dangerous goods that are flammable, explosive, toxic or corrosive.
  • (2) Restricted knives, lighters and other dangerous goods.
  • (3) Over-length, over-height, over-width, over-weight and other items that may cause damage to the carriage.
  • (4) Other items that the Company considers unsafe for the operation.
VI. Scenic Area Contact Numbers(8:00~17:00)
  • 1. Marketing tel: 010-616260222
  • 2. Ticketing tel: 010-61626894,010-61626505 ext. 869
  • 3. Complaint tel: 010-616268734
  • 4. Scenic area rescue tel: 010-616265375
  • 5. Cable car rescue and complaint tel: 010- 61626849