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Two-day Trip to Snow Kingdom of Mutianyu
Recommended Route: Beijing -- Lake yanxi—Galleria Restaurant – the Mutianyu Great Wall --the Mutianyu Great Wall Hotel—- Mutianyu Organic Garden – Return
9:00AM At 9:00 in the morning: Take your baby and your whole family to the nature and have fun! The first stop is at the lake yanxi, often during the spring and autumn every year flocks of geese to the lake habitat, so named. Mountains on three sides by mountains and faces the north ring animation, mountain ranges, the west is a majestic red screw mountain peaks, in one thousand, the monastery of the morning bell and evening drum reminders and lake yanxi natural beauty from afar bring out the best in each other. Gold light mountain and for such as two shinning pearl inlaid in the east of lake yanxi, the top of the mountain there was an old temple - golden light temple, huairou, with the shining under the mountain temple known as the old one of the eight sights - golden light shines. It is said that this was in 2014, the APEC (APEC) meeting, worth to see.
12:00AM At noon, after coming down from the Great Wall, you’ll come to the Burger King at the commercial street, which is always children’s favorite. You can try the most classic choice - whopper Burger King, mouthwatering, with nicely grilled aroma, filled with fresh vegetables and good quality meat. After lunch, have a look at the nearby Bohai Village, where the traditional Temple Fair is being held at Chinese New Year. There are many fresh and lively local shows and traditional activities. Enjoy yourselves in the moment! It’s hard to come by in urban life, so especially your children will definitely fancy seeing such a scene, and run to join them.
2:00PM With the baby finally came to the mutian valley Great Wall in the afternoon,because you want to see the magnificent scenery at the Great Wall covered with snow rather than crowds of people lining up like a dragon on the mountain. This is also a good place for babies to learn and gain experiences. You can buy the ticket to the the Mutianyu Great Wall and the cable car tickets in advance on line, and then you can go through the entrance just by scanning the QR code. That’s it! Take a cable car to No. 14 watchtower, and immediately you’ll feel the breeze. Seen from afar, the Great Wall and the mountains are so charming and awesome! Maybe while you’re admiring the beauty of the Great Wall, your children are already playing snowball games or making snowman with other kids. There seem to be no national boundaries, and only common joy. Having your baby on your shoulders, while holding your beloved one’s hands, let someone take a phone of this great moment of joy and happiness. It’s also a great opportunity to tell your children about Chinese history and traditional culture. In the end, why not try something thrilling to come down on the slide with your family?
9:00PM Around 9:00 in the evening: You can stay at the the Mutianyu Great Wall Boutique Hotel. There are many kinds of rooms, to meet the various groups of people’s preferences. Loft rooms are perfect for families, for children can take the upper floor, and adults can stay on the lower floor. The room is decorated like a cottage in the woods and the lights are like stars in the night. As for dinner, you can order hamburgers and steak to the room for a candlelight dinner, and have a chat with your beloved ones.
Tomorrow 9:00AM At 9:00 o’clock in the afternoon, you can drive to the Mutianyu organic garden, known as "Back Yard of Beijing”, located in Tai Ping Zhuang village, Huairou District, which is about one hour’s drive from the the Mutianyu Great Wall. In Here, you not only can experience the fun of picking vegetables and enjoy the leisure in the field, but also can get a comprehensive understanding of the production environment and process of organic produce. All the vegetables here are organic without pollution. Besides, you can experience the farming with children, which help improve promote the family bond.
Recommended route: Mutianyu Great Wall - Bohai town - Cliff stone - Xiangshui Lake Scenic Area

Best Cinematography Index: *****

Photography theme: Great Wall + culture

    Combined with a professional photography enthusiasts and ordinary tourists, the characteristics of the two groups of people, after field visits recommended this photography line. Mutianyu Great Wall as a starting point, early in the morning can shoot the Great Wall sunrise in the whole process, the morning can shoot "cattle horns" and other Great Wall scenery, the afternoon can go to the Great Wall at the foot of the international cultural village folk art, you can also choose the evening sunset shot the Great Wall, Climb the Great Wall, enjoy the Great Wall scenery, understanding of the Great Wall of international culture, is the essence of this line where. The Great Wall is a symbol of Chinese culture, while the Great Wall at the foot of the small village of foreigners to open foreign customs, while maintaining the traditional style of local houses at the same time, the introduction of Western fireplaces, chandeliers, oil paintings and other decorative elements. This fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetic things, are very able to attract photography enthusiasts.upfile

    The next shot is "the mountains of ancient villages, the world has not been known," the town of Bohai. Historical documents, the Tang Dynasty, due to the Jiedushi rebellion, Beijing North region into a war, from the Youzhou from the workers were removed to the Bohai Sea area settled, and here as an ideal place to avoid the war. For the generation to remember their own country and tribes, they called their own residence for the "Bohai Sea".Simple farmer, simple and natural and quiet to avoid the small village, whenever you see the curl of smoke rising, see farmhouse, terraced rice paddies,It is a seclusion to avoid the world, self-sufficiency, yellow hair from the enjoyment of the "paradise."upfile

    Cliff stone scenic area is a collection of historical antique, cliff stone, landscape ecological hotel services as one of the natural scenic area. Scenic spots within the Ming Dynasty military fortress and the ancient Great Wall site, according to legend at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, due to investigation is wrong, a section of the Great Wall repair here, and thus become Beijing famous "wrong big city", commonly known as "drooping edge". The valley is divided into nine Ming Dynasty cliff stone, outdoor sports enthusiasts camping, rock climbing, through the great land.upfile

    In the past to explore is the water lake scenic area, on the way passing a very style of bed and breakfast - ring water 008. Xiangshui 008 is a weekend to build environmentally friendly outdoor camping places. The children's fun holy places, the gospel of the food, the stars of the night and the lights in the campground echoes the campfire, fried chicken, and the popcorn fries. Lavender's fragrance will walk around you. With the lens record this moment is beautiful.


    Arrived at the last stop Xiangshui Lake, is set the Great Wall, ancient cave, mountains, springs, waterfalls in one of the natural show valley. The area is extremely steep, without repair, after the vicissitudes of life and the ancient scenery of the Great Wall, such as the dragon to fly, straight into the sky, Xiongcheng dangerous, very spectacular; health Valley, the source Valley Valley narrow, Looked at the tower towering, steep mountains, near to see the spring gurgling, looking at flowers and trees, beautiful.

    Different Great Wall, the style of the characteristics of the lens is full of three-dimensional color, and the greatest charm is here in the story and history, bring us a magical