Charming Great Wall-Brief Introduction of the Great Wall

A Brief Introduction to the Scenic spot

The Mutianyu Great Wall has a long history and splendid culture, which is 70 kilometers away from Beijing City. As one of the famous spots of the Great Wall, the Mutianyu Great Wall is the essence of the Great Wall of the Ming dynasty. It has its own unique architectural style. Zhengguantai is very rare because there’re three watchtowers erected at one fortress. There are several sections in the northwestern part, known as the "cow horns edge", "arrow" and "Eagles flying face up", which are steep, towering, and undulating, resembling a soaring dragon soar. In spring, flowers bloom; in summer, mountains are covered with green with spring water running underneath; in autumn, red leaves cover the whole mountain range, with fruits on trees; in winter, snow falls and it’s a pure white world, thus gaining its reputation of being the best part of the Great Wall at home and abroad.
I. Geographical Location
The Mutianyu Great Wall is located in Mutianyu Village in Huairou district, with Gubeikou to the east and Huanghuacheng and Badaling to the west. It’s also not far from Juyong Pass, Zijing Pass, Daoma Pass. As the poem goes, "west of Bohai fairyland, east of purple and green Juyong”, so the steep and towering terrain makes it possible to preserve Mutianyu as the most well-kept and typical portion of the Great Wall which dates back to the Ming Dynasty. It was also a great military barrier and protection for the capital and Imperial Tombs, thus it has been a hotly contested spot since ancient times.
II. Natural Environment
The Mutianyu Great Wall has four distinct seasons, and tourism activities can be carried out all year round. With ranges of mountains surrounded, the vegetation coverage rate has reached more than 96%, and the annual average temperature is 11.9 degrees Celsius. The warm and humid climate helps keep an abundant vegetation coverage, so the part of the Great Wall is nestled in the green mountains and rivers. The ancient atmosphere and the beauty of nature is well blended into one harmonious whole, leading to the reputation of “the unique beauty of the Mutianyu Great Wall among the ten thousand li Great Wall”. There are over a thousand old trees of more than a hundred years old. From the beginning of March on, apricot trees, peach trees, Rhododendron and others start to bloom one after another all over the mountains; into the summer, you can see green mountains, with spring water running below trees; in autumn, you can find green pine trees and cypress trees, red maple, oak, and chestnut trees, yellow apricot trees and golden pear and persimmon trees, purple pear and plum trees. All different colours of leaves intertwine with the white colour of branches, forming a natural painting; in winter, snow mountains glow and gleam, presenting a picturesque Northland scenery.
III. Landscape features
1. Zhengguantai
also known as Mutianyuguan, or Three Buildings, built in the Ming Yongle 2nd year (AD 1404). The three watchtowers are lined up together, two layers. The one in the middle is relatively big and the ones on the side are small. Each floor of the three watchtowers is connected, forming the style of the main hall in the centre and the rooms are on the side, which is very rare in the entire construction of the Great Wall.
2. Dilou Towers
there are many Dilou towers in the Mutianyu Great Wall. There are four Dilou Towers from the 1st Muzi Terrace (Dajiao Tower) to fourth Muzi Terrace (Zhengguan Tower) within less than 500 meters; from the 1st Muzi Terrace to the 20th Muzi Terrace, there’re 25 buildings including watchtowers, battlements and wall units, and bedrooms within 3000 metres. It’s also unusual to see a Dilou tower every one hundred metre in the Great Wall.
3. Double Crenels
the Mutianyu Great Wall has crenels on both sides of the Wall. The rest of the Great Wall all has crenels on the outer wall, while the Mutianyu stretch of the Great Wall has crenels on both sides that soldiers can fight against the enemy from both sides. This means the Mutianyu Great Wall is an important strategic position in battle in history.
4. Branch City
There are both outside stretch and inner stretch of Wall in the Mutianyu Great Wall. A so-called Branch City refers to a branch stretch built and connected to the main stretch of the Wall. The outside stretch connects the 11th Muzi Terrace Wall; and the inner stretch is called “Bald Tail Side”, which extends to the south from the Big Horn Tower.
5. "Ox Horn Edge”
the Mutianyu Great Wall winds its way from the north to the west. At the No. 20 Watchtower, the Wall climes straight up the hillside to the north high cliff top, 1039 meters high, from the flat south, meeting a tower at the top of the mountain and then turning along the cliff edge straight down through the valleys along the opposite ridge. Then it winds its way down westward. With its twists and turns, this resembles a horn, vigorous and firm, known as the “Ox Horn Edge".
6. “Flying Eagles face up”
one side of the Great Wall is cliff, and the other side is a steep of 70 degrees. This stretch of the Wall climbs to the peak from one side of a cliff and drops about 10 metres to the other side almost vertically down. Each step is only a few fingers wide, and one can hardly fit in a foot. That's why it is also described as “Flying Eagles face up”, meaning it's very lofty and cragged.
IV. Activity Items:
1. the first Cable Car of the Great Wall
The full length of the cable line is 723 meters, and it’s 640 meters high at the end. There are 58 cable cars which open and close automatically. The cable can hold 1800 passengers / hour one way in total. The operation system is fully automatic and passengers with disabilities can also get on and off cable cars easily and safely at the station. It’s comfortable, convenient and fast, so it’s gained the name of "the first cable car of the Great Wall".
2. Speed Slide
The slide is a new sport, also for fun, commonly known as “Land Sled”. It utilizes the principle of acceleration of gravity to drive the pulley and tramcars down the mountain dive, full of thrill and excitement, but it’s safe and comfortable at the same time. You’ll like flying or driving a race car. Besides, the speed slide has a brake device, which can both speed up and slow down. So it’s good for both the young and the old. This stainless steel equipment is made by a Germany company, called Wiegand, and it has a total length of 1580 meters. This speed slide, can carry you safely from the mountain top to the foot of the the Great Wall.
3. The Great Wall Culture Exhibition Center
The Mutianyu Great Wall Cultural Exhibition Center is located in the the Mutianyu Great Wall comprehensive service area with a simple and elegant design. It covers an area of 1207 square meters, and fully demonstrate the profound cultural heritage of the Mutianyu Great Wall.
V. A brief introduction to the Comprehensive Service Area
The Mutianyu Great Wall comprehensive management service area is located in the town of Bohai Mutianyu, north of the Mutianyu roundabout. The construction area is 44674.76 square meters. There is a tourist centre, a ticket office, the Great Wall cultural exhibition centre, offices, and car parks above the ground and underground. With service facilities and the layout improved and the economy developing, the Mutianyu Great Wall is becoming more and more tourist-friendly and environment-friendly.
1. Tourist Service Centre: There’s an electronic screen to display the information of the scenic spots; the Map Wall is to give a guidance and panorama view for tourists; the consulting desk is mainly to provide information and help for tourists including tour guide service, medical assistance, comprehensive services, and business centre as well as dealing with complaints. Besides, the centre also provides free service including cold and hot water, parcel storage, baby prams, wheelchairs and etc…
2. Ticket Office: There are 13 ticket booths in the ticket office in total, including 3 booths for group tickets, respectively for admission, cable cars and speed slides. With individual and group tickets booking separately, it’s very convenience for tourists.
3. Restaurants: There are several decent Chinese and Western restaurants, including Great Wall Hills, Wing Pine Tower, and some restaurants along the market street. They provide a comfortable, elegant dining environment and delicious food for all kinds of tourists.
4. Car Parks: There are car parks on the ground and underground, with an area of 45091.98 square meters, enough for a total of 1051 parking spaces. The underground car park is 30142.98 square meters, enough for a total of 806 parking spaces and the one above the ground is 14949 square meters, with a total of 245 parking spaces.
5. Shuttle Cart: There are 15 shuttle carts in the whole scenic area. They can carry 2500 tourists per hour. Visitors can take the shuttle cart to the Great Wall tourist area.
6. Commercial Street in the Great Wall: As you inherit the traditional culture, we will provide you with tourism souvenirs of the Mutianyu Great Wall creative brand at the same time. The famous catering chain of Chinese and Western style will provide you good dining services. The catering chain brands all provide special outdoor tables, so you can look at the beautiful scenery and enjoy a variety of special nice food. Coffee and tea drinks are available in all street stores, which can keep you stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the slow city life.